Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 Venue,  Dates, Time, and Updates

For the Rugby enthusiasts who were waiting for the Rugby World Cup Sevens event to start. This time, the Rugby World Cup Sevens is going to be started on the 9th of September 2022 and will end on the 11th of September 2022.

Additionally, for the fans who were wondering about the venue and location, it has also been finalized. The country will be South Africa and the stadium is the Cape Town Stadium.

Apart from that, taking a look at the number of nations, there will be 24 men nations followed up by 16 women ones.

This is the very first time when men’s and women’s world cup are going to be held together. Yes, the fans are pretty excited and they are eager to watch both the men’s and women’s matches from the venue.

Right now for the readers to get more information, let’s go ahead and unveil each of those ones, in the article.

Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 Venue, Date, Time and other Updates

Beginning with the venue for the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022, Cape town stadium is chosen to be the better one. It’s one of the oldest stadiums in Cape Town that has offered good seating and enthusiast watching to each of it’s fans.

South Africa is the country that will host the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022 event. There were multiple nations who performed bidding, it was South Africa who came out to be the true winner.

On October 30th, 2019, Cape Town stadium was given the opportunity to host the Rugby World Cup Sevens matches.

The world’s very best 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams will take head-on with each other at the great venue.

Additionally, the stadium has got a massive capacity of 55,000 that can accommodate larger crowds without an issue.

Schedule for the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

At present, the organizer’s committee are working on the schedule for the present-date Rugby World Cup. Till now, the official schedule hasn’t come yet and it will be out within a few months.

The league will be played for a period of three days where it will run from 9th September 2022 to 11th September 2022.

Qualifying Men’s and Women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

Starting with the Men’s team and nations, South African country has automatically qualified being the host nation.

Other than that, there are other nations that have already qualified which are as follows:

  •   South Africa
  •   United States
  •   Argentina
  •   England
  •   France
  •   Scotland
  •   Fiji
  •   New Zealand

Other than Men’s Rugby World Cup 2022 teams, there is Women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens nations which is as follows:

  •   South Africa
  •   United States
  •   France
  •   Australia
  •   New Zealand
  •   Brazil
  •   Colombia
  •   China
  •   Japan
  •   Fiji

Tickets for the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2022

For the fans who want to watch the Rugby World Cup sevens event from the venue, the ticket sales is already on. You can visit the official website of Rugby World Cup and from there you can buy the tickets.

As of now, the number of tickets available is pretty less and you will have to hurry to know if tickets are left or not.

Speaking about the lowest ticket pricing, you can get that for as low as $9.50. this is absolutely lower pricing and any of the fans who have the ambition to watch the Rugby World Cup sevens, can watch it, right from the venue itself.

Rest, there are ample of online live streaming options to watch Rugby World Cup Sevens which you can use and watch the event from any device.

Among the online options, you can go for the official streaming channels from different countries. With such things in mind, you have the freedom to choose the channels you like.

Then, you can watch each of the sports games along with the Rugby World Cup Sevens, the best possible way.


For the Rugby World Cup Seven fans who are eager to watch the matches, there are ample of online streaming options. Apart from that, you can even visit the venue and watch World Cup matches from the stadium.

Rest, the event is going to be held in September 2022 and with that in mind, you can wait and then watch the matches in the most joyful and comfortable way.

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